For over twenty-five years ADMS has been delivering the most efficient engine repair information and training to tens of thousands of repair shops across North America.  Initially, our information was available in manuals, then more recently, on CD-Rom and DVD’s. Now we are offer unlimited 24 hour access to the complete library of training and technology on

We have one objective - delivering all the diagnostic information and training that an independent repair shop will ever need for all domestic and import OBDII vehicles, via audio/visual tutorials.

With a few point and clicks, technicians can study any of our independently researched programs as comprehensive courses, or as needed, since detailed indexes allow for quick recall of specific data and repair procedures when a vehicle is “on the rack”. Now a technician can train in the areas that he or she needs to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated technologies necessary to service today's vehicles, at their convenience.

Our tutorials offer straight-line testing procedures, field-tested fixes and independently researched measurement values that are simply not available from any factory resources or computer databases. We show how to fit new technologies into normal diagnostic routines, when to use a particular technique, why you apply it, and how to get the job done in the quickest way possible.

We deliver the diagnostic shortcuts that experts use instead of confusing flowcharts found in most shop manuals and softwares. Our commitment to the automotive aftermarket is to continue to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for real world problems, each and every day. delivers services that gives independent repair shops avenues to maintain a competitive edge.

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