The SmartSpec program contains complete circuit wiring diagrams for each OBDII sensor and concise troubleshooting instructions for diagnosing each sensor and all the associated wires. These revolutionary OBDII sensor diagrams show you the PCM, the pin number, and how each wire is routed from the pin number directly to the sensor. You get the complete circuit clearly displayed from start to finish.

We publish this proprietary information only after spending thousands of hours testing vehicles in real world conditions and recording readings from vehicles running at their peak performance. You end up with the most accurate and complete library of

  • signal value measurements, and 
  • scan data for all the sensors and components under the hood.

We collect all the information from all the components under the hood and puts it onto just two easy to read and understand pages. Simply print the two pages, attach to the work order and you are ready to begin diagnosis. Every feature in the SmartSpec program is designed to get you to the solution for the problem in a fraction of the time it would take to follow the convoluted diagnostic trees in your bumper-to-bumper programs.

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